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Auto Loans For Bad Credit Consumers – Credit Scores Do Not Matter Anymore!

If you have been looking for a new car or truck recently, you may have wondered whether your credit score will cross the lender pass mark. The sad truth is that credit scores have been dropping nationwide, as consumers are facing worsening economy and declining income. Banking crisis did not help much either, making many financial institutions tighten their criteria for new loans and increase the rates on existing ones. This all caused many of us to get behind on bills and loan payments, resulting in poor credit grades. Many people who had credit yesterday are challenged with poor credit situation today.Credit Scores and Auto LoansIn the past years, a credit score of 640 or above would easily qualify you for an auto loan. However, many people who enjoyed near-prime credit rating only a couple of years ago are now struggling in the mid-to-high 500 score range, finding it impossible to qualify for many loans and credit cards. The situation with auto loans is very different, however, favoring bad credit borrowers. As they are considered secured loans since the car you finance serves as collateral, there are less stringent requirements endorsed by banks and other lending institutions.Another important thing is that automakers were on the top list of industries who were hit the worst during the recession, and they are trying to make their way to higher sales. Therefore, they encourage auto lending today by lowering the criteria endorsed by their lending subsidiaries and by issuing incentives to independent lenders. This all resulted in more relaxed requirements for borrowers who are willing to take out an auto loan. That is exactly why today it is easier than ever to qualify for auto loans even with very poor credit scores.Go Online To Get the Best Lender QuotesDo slow auto sales and decreased lending mean that banks are going to approve you and offer the best terms possible? Not exactly. Traditional banks still endorse very conservative approach to application processing, filtering out candidates with past credit problems. The good news is that there are multiple online lenders who offer a more aggressive approach to auto loan underwriting. They are willing to take bad credit risk that traditional banks refuse to take. That is why in order to make your auto loan application a success you should seek all possible sources of financing.Online lending platforms offer a great deal of convenience for auto loan shoppers, as they allow making one application that is disbursed among participating bad credit auto loan companies. Thus, a consumer gets an unparallel advantage of getting attention of multiple auto lenders, ensuring better chances of approval and best possible auto loan terms. For many auto loan applicants it is only a matter of several minutes to get pre-qualified for a loan from online bad credit lenders. If all the supporting documentation is in place, such as recent paystubs and identity verification documents, the entire transaction may be completed the very same day. All you have to do afterwards is to walk into a dealer showroom to pick a car or a truck that appeals to you most, avoiding possible embarrassment, knowing that you have financing in place.